Introducing a new BETTER way to get inquiries from your website

If you have an inquiry form on your website, you need to read this:


Inquiry forms have always been a source of frustration. Whether you are filling out a form on a website or waiting to receive inquiries from your own site, these forms are typically unreliable, insecure, and attract a lot of spam!

That’s why we are introducing Cognito Forms as a replacement to the traditional way of managing form entries on your website. Not only are the security and privacy features top-notch, but the message deliverability is considered the best in the industry.

Cognito Forms features a wide range of options, from simple surveys to complex registration forms, and can also collect data, accept payments, and create powerful workflows to automate your business and work more efficiently.

Cognito Forms is reasonably priced and is a great value if you rely on having the inquiries from your website delivered on time.

No more digging through your inbox!

You get a handy dashboard that opens in your web browser and contains a record of all your entries and workflow, making it easy to keep track of your inquiries.

cognito dashboard entries


ATR Logistics


The goal of this project was to streamline the information collection process and improve communications with customers, without compromising privacy and security.

We installed Cognito Forms for reliable email delivery and a smoother workflow. Special features include an encrypted file upload option and a digital signature, so users can safely submit their photo identification via the website form and sign it too!

Need a tow? Complete the dispatch form to schedule a pickup. Looking for a new job? ATR Logistics is a great place to work and is always looking for experienced Tow Truck Operators. Click here to apply. You can even upload a copy of your resume – it’s encrypted and secure.


CASE STUDY: Classic Auto Graphics

This was an upgrade and replacement of the original inquiry forms on the Classic Auto Graphics website. These forms were collecting spam and the message delivery system had become unreliable.

The new forms feature a file upload tool, so users can submit their logo and artwork files directly via the website. For a business like Classic, this is an important feature and makes it easy to reply with a quick quote to the customer.


CASE STUDY: Air Alta Fence Rentals

The goal of this project was to create a simple and reliable inquiry form to collect leads from potential customers.


cognito forms

Here are a few sample templates, showing some of the features we can add to your forms:

Collect payments, upload files, add e-signatures, multi-page forms, HIPAA level security, and more!

How much will this cost?

  • Account setup, $95 flat-rate.
  • Custom form setup, starting at $175 per form.
  • Ongoing subscription, starting at $15 USD/month.
  • Free accounts also available, for more info, see:

Contact us for a custom quote:

  • Setup fees are based on the number and complexity of the inquiry forms on your website.
  • For more information about Cognito Forms and how it can work for your business, send a message to