Canadian Web Hosting Services

We believe in supporting Canadian business and have entrusted one of the leading web hosting companies in Canada to support our customers. Web Hosting Canada (WHC) provides reliable and affordable hosting services for business websites.

We recommend you choose the Pro Plan which includes SSL encryption, email service, free domain name registration for one year, and the option of hosting more than one website. Prices listed in Canadian dollars.


Web Hosting Canada


In addition to being an awesome hosting company, WHC runs a 100% green-powered cloud infrastructure:

Web Hosting Canada’s core business relies on running thousands of energy-consuming computers to power thousands of web sites and applications. Unlike most North American Cloud providers that power their data centers with energy made from traditional energy sources including burning fossil fuels, 100 percent of the WHC’s cloud infrastructure is powered by green energy. Reducing the carbon footprint of their data centers was a top priority for the WHC team, so the company powers all its servers and systems using renewable energy from their Canadian hydroelectric grid. Today, WHC proudly hosts all of their customers in this eco-friendly way.

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