Email Service Interruption

This message is for our customers who use our Hosted Email Service.

On May 1st at 3pm, our Hosted Email Service at Tucows went down and was unavailable for over 24 hours. We are sincerely sorry for the disruption. Please rest assured that no emails will be lost. Once the system has fully recovered, all your messages will appear in your Inbox.

Here is a message from TuCows, explaining what happened. More information is available here:

On May 1, 2023, at approximately 5 PM ET, our system alerted us to an attempted large-scale DDoS attack to Cluster A of our Hosted Email Service. We safely mitigated this attack. However, the large volume of requests caused an interruption to our authentication service. We are now gradually ramping up our email service in accordance with our recovery procedure. No data has been or will be lost.

Provision of Email Service Going Forward

As of December 31, 2023 we will no longer be offering our Hosted Email Service. Although situations like this are beyond our control, we have been considering the discontinuation of our Hosted Email Service for some time, due to ongoing issues like this.

We understand how important emails are to the daily operation of your business and believe that you should have the most reliable and accessible options for your communications. Unfortunately, the mail system that we have used for the past number of years is no longer performing to our quality standards.

We recommend using Microsoft 365 Business Email as it provides the most reliable method of sending and receiving mail. We will be providing more info in the coming days on how to signup for this service and how to migrate your data to the new system.

Our focus at is creating, updating and maintaining WordPress websites. Our team excels in this area and will continue to provide professional website service.